14: Misery

Send us a Text Message. Michael asks Nathan to help him brainstorm for his upcoming production of Misery.  Support the Show.

14: The Little Mermaid And Rigby Redd

Michael and Nathan discuss the challenges on their recent projects. Nathan directed a touring production of The Little Mermaid and Michael directed his original work, Rigby Redd. The music for Rigby Redd is available on any streaming platform!   Support the Show.

13: Theater in the Classrooms

Michael and Nathan discuss recent ways they've been involved in the educational system. Nathan talks about Legendary Productions rentals to schools of sets, props, and costumes, and Michael discusses his CTE (Career Technical Education) class and the products his classes create. A great listen for teachers wanting ideas to do with their theater classes, and […]

12: Theater Trivia

John, the soundman, challenges Michael and Nathan to a game of theater trivia. Do they actually know anything, or will they be stumped?   Support the show

10: Questions From Our Listeners

Michael and Nathan take questions from listeners, and discuss advice to new playwrights, casting family members, loyalty vs talent, and the discussion of politics in the theater. Support the show

8: Lessons from 2023

Michael and Nathan reflect on the year 2023 and the lessons they learned.  Support the show

7: Back in the Saddle

After a mid season hiatus, Michael and Nathan are back, and catching up with everything that transpired in their lives over the last few months. Nathan discusses his latest production, and Michael talks about his recent trip to New York.  Support the show

6: Controversial Lessons in Theater

Michael and Nathan host a small panel discussion about the lessons taught in theater, particularly the controversial lessons. This can apply to educational theater, church theater, community theater, etc. It is nearly impossible to create deep, thought provoking theater without offending someone. How do you paint an accurate picture of reality when reality is ugly? […]