The Upstaging Gentlemen
Chasing Theatrical Dreams  

Michael Tennant, producer at Play With Your Food Productions, and Nathan Prince, producer at Legendary Productions, discuss all things related to theater.

Meet The Producers:

Nathan Prince

Since 1991 Nathan has been heavily involved with productions including, but not limited to producing, directing, grip, electric, special effects, acting, singing, dance and stunts. A few of Nathan’s job credits include: Stage Manager for the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts (RBPA), (Co-Producer/Director) at RBPA “Oklahoma” and” Singing in the Rain” at the Redlands Bowl, Former Artistic Producer at LifeHouse Theater, Stage Manager at San Bernardino Symphony and Co-Owner of Mighty Men Production Company. Nathan has also performed in many productions throughout Southern California and beyond. Nathan enjoys constantly working with production staff and talent to ensure the productions reach the highest expectations and quality so that audiences, cast, staff and crew can be Changed, Affected and Moved. Nathan loves his family, specifically his amazing children. He wants them to always do their best and chase their dreams!

Michael Tennant

Michael Tennant is the producer/artistic director at Play With Your Food Productions in Hemet, California. A few of his published plays, Bad Medicine, and The Cursed Bones, can be found at Michael met his friend Nathan while performing in Treasure Island at Lifehouse Theater in Redlands, CA. In the years that followed, the two have worked together many times, and have become close friends as well. One of Michael’s most significant works was his film, “Remembering When: The Story of Mr. Whittier’s Hemet” was was commissioned by the city of Hemet to celebrate their centennial. Michael has been the producer at Play With Your Food for the past ten years and has gained a good amount of experience in the field of dinner theater. 

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12: Theater Trivia

John, the soundman, challenges Michael and Nathan to a game of theater trivia. Do they actually know anything, or will they be stumped?   Support the show

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10: Questions From Our Listeners

Michael and Nathan take questions from listeners, and discuss advice to new playwrights, casting family members, loyalty vs talent, and the discussion of politics in the theater. Support the show

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