The Upstaging Gentlemen

Michael and Nathan host a small panel discussion about the lessons taught in theater, particularly the controversial lessons. This can apply to educational theater, church theater, community theater, etc. It is nearly impossible to create deep, thought provoking theater without offending someone. How do you paint an accurate picture of reality when reality is ugly? Check out the discussion!

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Nathan, This was really interesting… Thanks! Here’s my “two cents:” 1) The suitcase analogy came from Corrie Ten Boom’s father, speaking to her on a train ride. Read/watch, “The Hiding Place.” Dr. James Dobson refers to it in the “Preparing for Adolescence” series, I think. 2) Having nudity on stage is an example of the powerful difference when going “from page to stage,” as your friend mentioned. Is it ever appropriate to look at a naked person if they are not either your spouse, baby or patient? Even in medicine, they keep as much of a patient covered as possible, and always with an attendant for accountability. I’m sure this stand would not be popular in the performing arts industry, but it is defendable. Thank you for carrying the “heavy suitcase” for your kids!

    1. Thank you so much. I so happy that you listen to our podcast!! I knew I had to learn that from somewhere (suitcase heavy). I will bring up you send thought/point in an upcoming podcast so Michael and I can dig into that a little more. Thank for being awesome and listening to us chat!

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